Digital Processes/Forms

mb (2) Your ‘Low Code’ App Platform!

“My Business”, your Company Platform from Team on the Run, delivers simplified business process management at an affordable cost.

 Witness how Digital Transformation can quickly add cost-cutting elements across your company functions by eliminating repetitious paperwork and increasing efficiencies. 

The “Low Code” term means — “My Business” transforms administrative managers into programmers!

The secret is in the simple drag and drop pre-programmed Widgets! (Address Widgets, Signature Widgets, Email Widgets, Drop Downs, etc.)  Some of our most popular use cases are digital compliance checklists, employee check-in, expense approvals, NFC security checkpoints, vacation requests, delivery/task assignments, bar code scans, quotations and more.

For Phone, Tablet and Desktop — “My Business” allows you to digitally manage procedures and operations across the organization.  Processes are scalable and customizable  —  manage functions digitally while maintaining verifiable records of all activities, submissions, and approvals without the need for paper filing.

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