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Team on the Run (TOTR) is a business communication and process power tool for smartphone, tablet, and PC. Available via Cloud Services or On-Premise, TOTR provides encrypted secure group communication, desktop dispatching, location services and more: VOIP, PTT, Unlimited Channels/Departments, MCPTT, Crisis Management/Disaster Recovery, GPS Locations/Bread Crumbs, Task Assignment, Reports.

Help your remote colleagues and field teams communicate instantly through PTT Channels, Video Calls, Messaging and VOIP Calls.  Acclimate new team members with your digital corporate directory for a quick on-boarding process. Visit our sites to view a new generation of mobile business tools to improve your operational efficiency, save time, increase customer satisfaction, and increase your bottom line.

Decreased VOICE Costs + Efficiency +  Accountability = $$$

Team on the Run, an Enterprise Communication Solution powered by StreamWIDE,

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